Double Creek Ranch, Dallas, Georgia - Family Owned and Operated by Kit and Tim Welch
Double Creek Ranch - Dallas, GA

We are a small family run facility for those wishing to learn how to ride and care for horses.  We provide lessons for kids, teenagers, college students, the beginner, adults and the timid.   

We teach you how to groom a horse properly, and you'll learn to saddle up, ride and take care of a horse after your lesson.  We believe in Natural Horsemanship and kind, gentle treatment of our horses.
Everyone is welcome, this is a casual, relaxed, respectful atmosphere. 
We do ask that you dress appropriately in jeans and boots and if not available, covered foot wear for your protection.  We have a helmet but would prefer children bring your own helmets so they fit right.
The cost is $40 an hour per person - lesson or per ride per person.  We can and will work with family and pricing.  

Our students/parents/riders are wonderful and we are so thankful.  But unfortunately we have quite a few people who make reservations and end up being a "no show". Please be courteous and give us at least 24 hour notice if possible. Of course we realize there are many foreseen circumstances that occur and those aren't a problem. Every effort is made so we are ready and available before the time you arrive for your lesson.  

We do insist that all riders, parents and students over 18 years old sign a waiver and release form.  Horseback Riding can be dangerous and we place high priority on each and every riders safety.

Trail rides are not available.
Cell: 404.519.7447 or text 

We hope that you will find your time here enjoyable. 


Sierra - Chocolate Rocky Mountain

Bonnie - Spotted Saddle Horse
Madison - Spotted Saddle Horse
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